Conference on the SEO job & Organization of The “Marché du Numérique”

As a volonteer at The “Cuisine du Web” in Lyon, I work on the first edition of the “Marché du Numérique”. We created an event in a bigger event which promote a lot of recruiters in Lyon.

Organization of the “Marché du Numérique”

For few months, we work a lot with some collegue to create the “Marché du Numérique”. The goal was to promote digital jobs with conferences and let companies and schools meet people with an interest for digital job opportunities.

The “Cuisine du Web” is a legitime association in Lyon to take charge of the organization of this type of events. As a member, I participated in many ways and especially I made the logo !

Conference on the SEO Job

I also participated as a speaker during the event. I was in charge of the presentation of the SEO job. I explained what SEO means, then I present the qualities requiered to be an SEO consultant. It was really nice to speak about my job and share my passion with the public.

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